Hi, my name is Ahmad!

"Hy my name is" features real people from our city talking about their lives. Today: Ahmad, a Syrian lawyer who fled to Cottbus.

Ahmad, a 31 years old lawyer from Syria, married, one son is seeking "a safe and peaceful life" with professional fullfillment, social participation and is eager "to help others".

Why did you leave Syria?
When the war started, I did not think about leaving but then I represented a growing number of clients who had been charged for demonstrating the government. Thus, I experienced the injustice of the system. Then my family and I recieved threats from government supporters and members of the intelligence service. This put an end to my work as a lawyer - thats why I left.

Why to Germany?
It was clear to me, that to resume my work as a lawyer I had to go to Europe. Norway was my first choice but to get an official Visa seemed impossible, thats why I left via Turkye and Greece but when I entered Germany I was registered here which ment that I could not get another registration in Norway. So I stayed. It also seemed much easier to learn German than Norwegian and to get my family here as well.

Whats your impression of Germany so far?
I like that everything is in order and clean and appreciate people´s punctuality and honesty. I have met a lot of friendly and helpful people in Cottbus. However, I have also experienced racism. I think these people should rather work on themselfes than blaming the government or migrants for their problems.