We are a group of people who support refugees in and around Cottbus. We are volunteers without any affiliations to political parties. We are a civic initiative and not a registered association. We welcome everyone who wants to be actively engaged in creating a solidary society in our region.

The first generation of FluMiCo was founded in the 1990s as a reaction to the violent attacks on refugee accomodations/camps in Sachsendorf by right-wing extremists.
In 2011, the second generation initiated an extensive campaign against discrimination, like the „Residenzpflicht“ - a legal requirement restricting people's freedom of choice in terms of where they want to live - and the then common practice of handing out non-cash benefit vouchers instead of monetary support to refugees. This campaign was carried out in cooperation with other civic organisations of Cottbus.

Since 2014, the third generation of FluMiCo has offered German language courses for people without access to official courses, political consultation and general, everyday-life support for refugees. These needs are now mostly responded to and covered by professional public or independent institutions and organizations. Hence, we are focusing on critically engaging with the regional refugee policies and political and the city administration since 2017.